just breathe



A sermon I heard once compared the letters of the Hebrew name for God — YHWH — to the sound of our breathing.  In…out…in…out…  Breathing the name of God, the Breath-giver.  From our first breath to our last, the name of Life is on our lips.  Even if we deny He exists, with that very breath we unknowingly affirm Him.

And when we are pulled to the end of our ropes we should just breathe…and pray. Breathe deeply and slowly. Be still…and know.  Deliberately affirm His ability to give life, to give all that we need just for that moment. Prayer is the breath of the soul, and God is the breath of our life — how can we so often forget to join the two when we are so pushed and tugged, compressed and stretched — so twisted by life that we can’t even think to breathe?

Romans 8-28 thoughts